EcoFlight Safety Procedures

EcoFlight board and staff take safety very seriously, and maintain rigorously high standards for airplane maintenance and pilot training. We endeavor to keep the planes and pilot training to standards outlined by FAA part 135, even though we are only required to follow standards as set forth by FAA part 91.

Our pilots are highly skilled professionals, not volunteers, who fly with focus and dedication to safety, and are very thorough in flight-planning and pre-flight airplane inspections. They collectively have 65+ years of experience flying in bush and mountainous conditions, and are commercial and instrument rated. Additionally, Pilots Bruce Gordon and Gary Kraft are certified flight instructors and ATP rated. EcoFlight’s pilots and airplanes meet or exceed rigorous maintenance and safety standards.

On the date of an overflight EcoFlight always has someone on the ground monitoring flight operations, and we utilize the latest in-flight tracking hardware used in Mountain Rescue protocols to secure additional flight following. Each landing and take-off is recorded.