Uphilling, community and a good breakfast

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Uphilling, community and a good breakfast

Date: 03/19/2024     Category: News & Media     Author: Bruce Gordon     Publication: Aspen Daily News    

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On any given Friday an incredible group of people brave the elements, walk uphill and gather at the Cliffhouse on Buttermilk for a half-priced breakfast.

This past Friday, we at EcoFlight were fortunate to be chosen to host the uphill. Such a beautiful morning and everywhere you looked, you saw and sensed community. Everyone committed to health and friendship and an understanding about what a special and unique place we live in. 

We would like to thank the Aspen Chamber Association, the Aspen Skiing Co. and everyone involved at the Buttermilk Ski Area.

I have found that along with camaraderie, when you live in the mountains for such a long time you also develop a heightened sense of awareness. With this awareness comes a sense of responsibility.  

It reminds me constantly of EcoFlight’s mission to educate and advocate. As a community, we need to continue to educate ourselves whether it be about the airport “modernization,” or the Crystal River or anything happening in our community. And then we need to advocate for what we believe in.

I encourage everyone to continue to go uphill, eat breakfast, bring your friends and keep up the spirit of our community.

Bruce Gordon, EcoFlight