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Town is first in valley to support initiative organized by conservation group The Mountain Pact

The town of Basalt is adding its voice to the…

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Captain’s Log Starship 1XE, Day 18 in the month March, Earth Calendar year 2021.

11,100 ft. The view of the San Juan mountains is spectacular as a storm whips through the highest of the peaks. For a change I am not stressed about bobbing and weaving though the ethers, as I am comfortably ensconced in a cabin watching the ebbs and flows…

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Landmark legislation passes U.S. House; Rep. Boebert votes against bill

The U.S. House approved Friday a massive public lands protection bill that has implications for the Roaring Fork Valley.

The legislation packaged together eight separate public lands bills that were approved by the House but not acted on by the U.S. Senate last year. If…

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Paper’s authors say unrealistic projections make it harder to plan for a future under climate change

Lake Powell is seen in a November 2019 aerial photo from the nonprofit EcoFlight. Keeping enough water in the reservoir to support downstream users in Arizona, Nevada and California is complicated by climate change, as…
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A proposed expansion to the Rocky Mountain Industrials limestone mine (bottom right) has been the source of public outcry in nearby Glenwood Springs, but it could be years before it has the necessary federal and state permits to break new ground.
A proposed expansion to the Rocky Mountain Industrials limestone mine (bottom right) has been the source of public outcry…
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Captain’s Log: February 2021

Captain’s Log Starship 1XE, Day 5 in the month February, Earth Calendar year 2021.

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … drone! I first learned about drones from Janey’s dad who unfortunately just passed away at home in Cape Town. He was one of the…

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The Arkansas Hills to the east of Salida with Tenderfoot Mountain above the city.The contract covers at least one webcam at the top of Tenderfoot and at least 22 throughout Chaffee County. Photo EcoFlight.

During their Tuesday session, the Chaffee Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved renewal of…

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North Fork stakeholders celebrate climate orders as extraction industries fear job losses

North Fork Valley
The North Fork Valley sprawls beneath Needle Rock. (Courtesy photo/EcoFlight)

Alternately hailed as a climate-saver and decried as a job-killer, President Joe Biden’s recent executive order that pauses new federal oil and gas leases is…

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After being on the defensive for four years under Trump, enviros ready to press on important issues

It isn’t far-fetched to say some Aspen environmentalists cried tears of joy when Joseph Biden replaced Donald Trump as president on Tuesday.

The staff at Aspen Center for Environmental Studies couldn’t watch the ceremony together because of the…

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Two of the three smokestacks at Navajo Generating Station outside Page, Ariz., come tumbling down on Dec. 18, 2020.
(Michael McNamara / Salt River Project)

This is the Dec. 24, 2020, edition of Boiling Point, a weekly newsletter about climate change and the environment in California and the American West. Sign…

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