28% of Labyrinth Rims ORV Routes Closed

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28% of Labyrinth Rims ORV Routes Closed

Date: 09/22/2023     State: UT     Issues: National Parks, Off Road Vehicles, Wild Lands, Wildlife     Partners: Living Rivers, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance Airport Origin : Moab, UT    


The long-awaited Labyrinth Canyon/Gemini Bridges Travel Management Plan was recently released! We flew days before with members of the media to help spread public awareness and with conservationists to aid in their understanding of the new motorized-travel regulations.

EcoFlight has partnered with conservation groups for years to fly Labyrinth Canyon and advocate for a Travel Management Plan (TMP) that prioritizes the fragile desert ecosystem, irreplaceable cultural and historic resources, and diverse recreational uses. The recently released Labyrinth Rims/ Gemini Bridges TMP covers more than 300,000 acres, including world-renowned recreation areas like Labyrinth Canyon, a popular and stunning desert float along the Green River.

The BLM has long prioritized OHV use at the expense of other public lands users and the sensitive desert landscape. Previously, OHV users could access more than 1,200 miles of routes, with 94% of the lands within the management area being within a half mile of a designated OHV route. Escaping the noise and dust in search of a more serene desert experience was nearly impossible.

The new TMP has closed 28% of OHV routes. This plan still leaves about 800 miles open to OHV users, but creates a more balanced space for all recreations to enjoy. Under the TMP, the Green River side canyons including Hellroaring Canyon, Hey Joe Canyon, Tenmile Wash, and the upper half of the Mineral Canyon are closed to all motorized travel. This action will dramatically decrease habitat fragmentation, helping preserve the delicate Labyrinth Rims/Gemini Bridges' ecosystems and wildlife.

Thank you for your work to spread awareness and protect the San Rafael Desert and the ability for all people to experience its solitude.

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