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Advocating for the BLM Public Lands Rule

Date: 06/29/2023     State: CO     Partner: Wilderness Workshop Airport Origin : Aspen, CO    


Spread public awareness in support of the BLM Public Lands Rule, that would give conservation an equal-footing with the BLM's other land uses. Fly social media activists, local officials, and conservationists to encourage the public to submit comments in support of the legislation during the BLM's public comment period.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages almost 35% of land in Colorado. The vast majority of that is on the Western Slope. These lands drive tourism, offer refuge for wildlife, provide access to nature, and safeguard innumerable stories of human experience on the land.

The agency is currently accepting public comments on the proposed Conservation and Landscape Health Rule, otherwise known as the "BLM Public Lands Rule," which emphasizes the need to manage for resilient ecosystems and intact landscapes and achieve public land health for the benefit of communities and wildlife. Actions such as designation of areas of critical environmental concern (ACECs), Conservation Leasing, Restoration and Mitigation are identified and prioritized as critical components to accomplishing these goals. Click here to read more about the proposed rule from Wilderness Workshop.

The comment period has been extended to next Wednesday, July 5th! This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help shape the future of public lands and the communities and wildlife that depend on them.

EcoFlight and our partners at Wilderness Workshop are encouraging the public to submit comments on this important rule before the July 5th deadline, support this major step forward, and encourage the BLM to also strengthen the rule in order to ensure durable and meaningful conservation outcomes, protect important wildlife migration corridors, provide co-stewardship opportunities for Tribal Nations, and sustain economic benefit for communities throughout the fast-growing West.

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