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Anaconda Stumptown

Date: 07/08/2020     State: MT     Issue: Wild Lands     Partner: Montana Wildlife Federation


There is currently a state proposal to expand the Mount Garrity Wildlife Management Area by a 600-acre private parcel known as Stumptown. This acquisition would protect security habitat for elk, moose and mule deer and enhance outdoor recreation opportunities including hunting, fishing, hiking, wildlife-watching and mountain biking. One of the most important public benefits of the project is the creation of walk-in fishing access for a high-quality section of Warm Springs Creek. This urban fishery would significantly increase angling opportunities close to Anaconda.

In May, the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commision gave unanimous approval for the state to proceed with the purchase of the Stumptown property. On July 20th, 2020 the Montana Land Board voted unanimously to approve the addition.

The two Wildlife Management Areas and portions of Forest Service lands surrounding Anaconda are the result of a decades-long conservation legacy of acquiring former Anaconda Company land for public access and wildlife protection. The Stumptown acquisition will build on this larger legacy of public lands conservation.

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