Bill to provide rural roads with needed improvements vetoed

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Bill to provide rural roads with needed improvements vetoed

Date: 06/12/2023     State: MT     Issues: Urban Planning, Wild Lands     Partners: Montana Wildlife Federation, Strategies North Airport Origin : Lewistown, MT    


Fly rural roads that would have received funding for needed improvements under Senate Bill 442. The bill was widely supported and would have also provided funding for conservation, recreational access, veterans, and public health but was vetoed by Montana Gov. Gianforte in May. 

The bill allocates tax proceeds from recreational marujuana and is supported by thousands of Montanans. Despite SB 442 passing by a landslide, with 132 out of 150 legislators voting in support, Montana Governor Gianforte vetoed the bill.

SB 442 would allow marijuana sales tax to fund veterans’ services, mental health programs, and working farms and ranches. We flew with Montana farmers, community members, county officials, and stakeholders to view and document rural roads that need essential maintenance. SB 442 would have provided funding to improve these country roads and ensure residents can transport their crops to the market and that EMTs are able to respond to medical emergencies. 

Now, our partners at Montana Wildlife Federation and Wild Montana have filed a lawsuit to provide the Legislature its lawful right to override the veto. Many believe the timing of Gianforte's veto unlawfully eliminated the Legislature's check on the executive's power. Learn more.

EcoFlight will continue to fly and advocate to invest in rural communities, ranchers, veterans, and conservation.


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