Bulldozing Sunset Roadless Area

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Bulldozing Sunset Roadless Area

Date: 10/06/2020     State: CO     Issues: Coal, Mining     Partners: Center for Biological Diversity, Earth Justice, Wilderness Workshop Airport Origin : Aspen Airport    


Center for Biological Diversity, Wilderness Workshop and Earthjustice caught wind that Arch Coal was illegally building roads into a roadless area to expand their West Elk Coal Mine in Colorado. Our partners were mounting a legal fight to stop the destruction of one of the wildest roadless areas in Colorado and called us, urgently needing to get images from the air of the illegal road building. Flights later that day revealed that the company had indeed bulldozed a mile-long road and two drillpads through aspen groves in the Sunset Roadless Area. Our partners used our images in their legal arguments which resulted in an injunction from the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that prevented any further destruction.

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