Glenwood Canyon Flash Flooding

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Glenwood Canyon Flash Flooding

Date: 08/07/2021     State: CO     Issues: Climate, Wild Lands, Wildlife     Partners: American Rivers, Trout Unlimited, Wilderness Workshop Airport Origin : Gypsum, CO    


After a recent rainstorms, the Glenwood Canyon experienced flash flooding and mudslides. EcoFlight flew press above the highly affected region to offer an aerial perspective on the flood damage. Specifically, to showcase the mudslides through an environmental lens and increase coverage pertaining to the floods effect on riparian zones, fish, river sediment, and other environmental concerns.

On July 29th, heavy monsoon rainstorms and a lack of vegetation in the Grizzly Creek Fire burn areas caused massive mud and rock slides in the Glenwood Canyon. Debris caused extensive damage to I-70 and impacted the Colorado River, completely blocking it momentarily, changing its course and adding sediment to the river. Crews are working to repair the highway and scientists are working to assess the impacts to fish and wildlife, although it may be a while still before it is safe enough for wildlife officials to access the area to fully assess it.

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