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Global Mining Operations, Threats to Wildlife

Date: 02/19/2024     State: AZ     Issues: Mining, Watersheds, Wild Lands, Wildlife     Partners: Arizona Mining Reform Coalition, Foreign Press Centers Airport Origin : Tucson, AZ    


Fly with members of the Ghana media at Joy News who are working on a documentary to illuminate the threats of massive mining operations, like what is happening in Arizona, to Ghanaians. Secure aerial videography to be used in this transcontinental documentary film to educate on the danger mining poses to wildlife, water, and air quality.

Our overflight examined both proposed and active mining projects, including the open-pit San Manuel Mine, Ray Mine, Rosemont Mine, and massive Copper World Mining Complex proposal, which would include four open pits and three tailings dumps on 4,500 acres of private land in the project’s first phase alone! We flew the Pinto Valley Mine Complex, Miami Complex, Florence Mine, operational Gunnison Copper Project, and the Johnson Camp copper mine, which the Canadian-based operator, Excelsior, hopes to reopen. This area is a biodiversity hotspot and supports a wide array of native species and wildlife, including many endangered species like jaguars, ocelots, and Mexican spotted owls. These mining developments, along with hundreds of old mining sites in the region, pose massive risks to the region, which is a global biodiversity hotspot, threatening wildlife, aquifer water quality, and public lands.

EcoFlight's partners are working to ensure mining is done responsibly to protect communities and the environment in Arizona.

EcoFlight is pleased to provide you with these aerial photos from the flight. and these geo-referenced flight photos.

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