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Date: 10/05/2021     State: CO     Issues: National Parks, Wild Lands, Wildlife     Partners: Colorado Public Radio, Colorado Wildlands Project, Rig To Flip Airport Origin : Grand Junction, CO    


Fly above the lands surrounding Dinosaur National Monument to provide conservation partners and media with a fuller understanding of this valuable unprotected area.

Colorado has 8.3 million acres of BLM-administered public lands encompassing stunning, biologically diverse, and historically important areas. However, only 8% of these BLM lands are protected. The Dinosaur National Monument is a protected area that spans 200,000 acres of river canyons and mountains. The Monument is a paleontological oasis that offers a glimpse into life millions of years ago. With over 1,500 exposed dinosaur fossils, the Dinosaur National Monument is world renowned. While this Monument is protected, the surrounding greater Dinosaur region is lacking proper management and protection. The orange and red sandstone and rolling sagebrush steppe of the greater Dinosaur region is critical for climate adaptation and ecosystem resilience. These BLM lands are underrepresented in conservation management. Change is needed to protect these public lands!

Click here to download a .KMZ file with geo-referenced photos from the flight.

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