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Greater Little Mountain Area – BLM Management Plan Revision

Date: 06/27/2022     State: WY     Issues: Wild Lands, Wildlife     Partners: Bowhunters of Wyoming, Trout Unlimited, Wyoming Wildlife Federation Airport Origin : Rock Springs    


Fly state land-managers and conservationists to inform, and obtain aerial images to aid in the protection of the Greater Little Mountain Area as the BLM revises its management plan.

The Greater Little Mountain Area in southwestern Wyoming is an expansive, unique high desert region. The Greater Little Mountain Area (GLMA) is truly an oasis for recreationists, hunters, and anglers. The 522,236 acres of pristine public lands support trophy big game animals and healthy native fish populations. With remote country consisting of sprawling aspen groves, pine forests, and red-striped badlands, the GLMA offers some of the most sought after hunting areas for mule deer and elk, as well as world-renowned cutthroat trout fishing. The large intact tracts of prime fish and wildlife habitat are some of the most sensitive habitats in Wyoming.

Taking to the air showed the majesty of this crown jewel. The BLM is in the process of revising the Rock Springs Resource Management Plan, which includes the GLMA habitat. The plan is expected to be released this summer, followed by a public comment period. In the interest of protecting the GLMA's wildlife, hunting & angling opportunities, and quality habitat, a group of local hunters, anglers, landowners, trona miners, and local folks in southwest Wyoming formed the Greater Little Mountain Coalition. One of the largest threats to wildlife and quality habitat is development. The Greater Little Mountain Coalition is calling on the BLM to conserve critical habitat while allowing responsible development in specific areas, so the GLMA's irreplaceable fish and wildlife heritage is preserved for generations to come.

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