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Labyrinth Canyon ORV USe

Date: 11/03/2022     State: UT     Issues: Off Road Vehicles, Wild Lands, Wildlife     Partner: Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance Airport Origin : Moab, UT    


EcoFlight partnered with Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to fly Labyrinth Canyon and view the extensive off-road vehicle tracks throughout the canyon, analyze how ORV use can be consolidated to best protect the region, and capture aerial imagery to disperse to the media to advocate for the individuals to engage in the BLM travel management public comment period.

The Bureau of Land Management is creating the travel management plan for Labyrinth Canton and Gemini Bridges. This plan will determine different travel, like off-road vehicle (ORV) use for the next twenty years. The BLM has prioritized ORV use at the expense of other public lands users, the fragile desert ecosystem, and irreplaceable cultural and historic resources. An option the BLM is considering for the travel management plan, Alternative B, will help protect the region's sensitive flora as well as the recreational opportunities for all people.

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