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The Lands Between

Date: 11/12/2022     State: UT     Issue: Wild Lands     Partners: Bears Ears Partnership, Hopi Tribe, National Parks Conservation Association, Pueblo of Acoma Airport Origin : Blanding, UT    


Educate members of the Pueblo of Acoma on the new efforts to protect the Lands Between, the Pueblo of Acoma's ancestral homelands.

The Lands Between, located in the larger Four Corners area, is a critical part of a contiguous cultural landscape. The area, spanning over 500,000 acres, connects Bears Ears and Canyons of the Ancients National Monuments. We flew to Comb Ridge and then to Montezuma Canyon, a key area of cultural importance. The Canyon and larger landscape has a rich indigenous history; yet it is a history we are only starting to uncover. Montezuma Canyon is a historical hub and archeologists are beginning to use tools to reveal how politically connected the region was.


The Lands Between area is largely unprotected. In just two years, the Trump Administration leased over 100,000 acres of these lands for oil and gas. EcoFlight and our partners are in the critical initial steps to protecting these sacred and historically important lands from threats like oil and gas development. EcoFlight will continue to fly to advocate for the preservation of such an ecological and culturally important landscape, and the vast anthropological information that lies here, waiting to be discovered!

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