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Lava Ridge Proposed Wind Project

Date: 06/21/2021     State: ID     Issue: Renewable Energy     Partner: Idaho Conservation League Airport Origin : Idaho Falls, ID    


The Lava Ridge Wind project is a proposed wind farm located 25 miles northeast of Twin Falls in Idaho’s Magic Valley. The project would include close to 400 wind turbines on up to 1,700 acres and produce approximately 1,000 megawatts, enough to power around 300,000 homes.

The Lava Ridge project could provide a number of benefits including jobs, tax revenues and clean energy. The BLM will use the NEPA process to examine the potential negative impacts of the Lava Ridge project to public lands and wildlife, including aesthetic, social and environmental. Sage grouse habitat will be a concern as well as impacts to birds and other native species. Our conservation partners at Idaho Conservation League will be analyzing the permitting documents as they are released, and consider the impacts of the project, and organize a response.

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