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Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing

Date: 03/16/2022     State: CA     Issues: Urban Planning, Wild Lands, Wildlife     Partners: National Park Service, National Wildlife Federation Airport Origin : Pacoima, CA    


Provide members of the media, National Wildlife Federation, and the National Park Service with aerial images of the site for the Wallis Annenberg crossing, the largest wildlife crossing ever! Utilize the bird's-eye perspective to better understand how wildlife, that is currently constrained by urban sprawl, will be able to safely cross the massive freeway to find food sources, habitat, and mates.

The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing will break ground on Earth Day (April 22) next month! The wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon over the 101 Freeway will connect critical habitat in a biodiversity hotspot, an area that supports an incredibly diverse range of species. The Wallis Annenberg is the largest wildlife crossing to date, spanning about 210 feet over ten lanes of highway.

The crossing will be built just northwest of downtown LA, in Agoura Hills, a small city that is surrounded by fragmented patches of protected lands. The Wallis Annenberg crossing will cross the busy highway to connect these wildlands creating contiguity in this critical habitat of endangered mountain lion populations. The crossing will allow these endangered cougars and other species, currently constrained by urban sprawl, to roam a larger area to find food sources and potential mates, without the risk of becoming roadkill.

Thank you to the hard work and dedication of our partners at National Wildlife Federation! The crossing will  hugely benefit LA Cougars and wildlife!

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