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Mamm Creek Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline

Date: 09/07/2023     State: CO     Issues: Oil and Gas, Wild Lands     Partner: Save West Mamm Creek Coalition Airport Origin : Rifle, CO    


Fly with Colorado State Senators, members of the media, and conservasionists to educate on the risks of the proposed West Mamm Creek Pipeline Project.

The Piceance Basin natural gas field extends from near Silt, Colorado, into Utah. This highly productive geologic formation has made Garfield County one of Colorado's top natural-gas producing counties. However, as with all of the materials that we use to power our daily lives, extraction of natural gas comes at a cost. The scale of these impacts can be difficult to conceptualize from ground level, however from the air, they are striking. Roads, pipelines, and well pads create expansive spider-web networks that blanket the Colorado River Valley, as far as the eye can see from the cockpit of our planes. In addition, any expansion of mineral development will necessarily impact the global climate by releasing additional carbon sources for combustion, contradicting global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and curb climate change.

The BLM has proposed an expansion of this development with the addition of the West Mamm Creek pipeline project south of Rifle. The agency is analyzing public comments and has three months to either accept, modify, or reject the project as proposed. This announcement is expected near the end of the year.

EcoFlight is working to ensure that environmental and climate impacts are prioritized in management of Colorado's mineral resources, and that remaining wildlands and wildlife habitat are protected for future generations.


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