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Protect Kw’tsán!

Date: 02/16/2024     State: AZ     Issue: Wild Lands     Partners: Fort Yuma Quechan Indian Tribe, Native American Land Conservancy Airport Origin : Yuma, AZ    


Fly with the Quechan Tribal council and leaders as they prepare to officially call on President Biden to protect their ancestral homelands in California through a national monument designation. This call came days after the flight, and imagery and photography was used by the Tribe. EcoFlight shot video to produce social media advocacy pieces for the Quechan Tribe and the Protect Kw'tsán group to share on their websites and social medias.

We flew over the proposed Kw'tsán National Monument, viewing portions of the gorgeous 390,000 acres that could be protected, creating continuous, safeguarded habitat through Avi Kwa Ame, Avi Kwa Lal, Palo Verde Peak, and the proposed Chuckwalla National Monument. The designation would preserve habitat and wildlife corridors for diverse species many of which are endangered, including the Desert Tortoise, Woodhouse's Toad, roadrunner, black-tailed jackrabbit, kit grebe chuckwalla, coyote, and birds who utilize the critical bird migration flyway located on the eastern side of the proposed monument.

Thank you for working to protect this sacred landscape, its wildlife and water. EcoFlight will continue to fly in support of Kw'tsán National Monument's designation and the preservation of California's public lands.

We are pleased to provide you with these photos from the flight and these geo-referenced flight photos.

Flight Images

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