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Date: 04/17/2024     State: CA     Issues: Wild Lands, Wildlife     Partner: National Parks Conservation Association Airport Origin : Whiteman, CA    


Collect aerial imagery and video and educate stakeholders on the timely campaign to protect The Rim of the Valley, an accessible recreational area just outside of Los Angeles.

The Rim of the Valley is a campaign to expand the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area by over 118,000 acres. The expansion will enable the National Park Service and local communities to better protect natural resources and habitats, and provide improved access to nature for recreational and educational purposes. The expansion will enhance management of dwindling habitat, active wildlife corridors, and historic watersheds critical to the Los Angeles region's ecosystem. This is one of the few areas where large carnivores such as the mountain lion still roam the hills adjacent to a bustling metropolis. The Rim of the Valley will make the world’s largest urban national park even more accessible and ensure future generations can enjoy Los Angeles' rich natural and cultural heritage.

If successful, the expansion will be among the region's most significant conservation accomplishments since the founding of the original park in 1978. Currently, the National Parks Conservation Association is working to ensure both chambers of Congress pass key legislation to protect the Rim of the Valley by the end of 2024.

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