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Sheridan Public Lands Projects

Date: 06/29/2022     State: WY     Issues: Wild Lands, Wildlife     Partners: Bowhunters of Wyoming, Sheridan Community Land Trust, Wyoming Stock Growers Association, Wyoming Wildlife Federation Airport Origin : Sheridan    


Provide conservationists, land-managers, and stakeholders with the aerial perspective of Sheridan public land access concerns, outbreaks of invasive plant species and native flora restoration work, and a wildlife crossing in the works.

Wyoming's expansive and pristine public lands comprise nearly half of the state's total area. This mass of public lands boasts world-class wildlife, recreation, and hunting & angling opportunities, underlying the importance of Wyoming's outdoor heritage. We flew lands in Sheridan that have limited public access, creating barriers for Wyomingites, as well as visitors to recreate and participate in the natural world. EcoFlight's partners at Wyoming Wildlife Federation (WWF) are working to increase equitable access to Sheridan public lands.

WWF is also working to restore natural areas with native species to ensure healthy, biodiverse ecosystems that support wildlife. WWF has introduced projects to remove and decrease invasive species that tend to create monocultures and suppress native flora growth.

We also flew over a new wildlife crossing project. This crossing will create habitat continuity. WWF has made it a priority to establish safe passages and eliminate barriers to ensure healthy wildlife populations for generations to come.

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