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Date: 10/01/2023     State: WA     Issues: Climate, Renewable Energy, Watersheds, Wildlife     Partner: Trout Unlimited Airport Origin : Pullman, WA    


Provide the aerial perspective to participants at Trout Unlimited's Annual Conference. View the Snake River from above with advocates working to save salmon, steelhead, and orcas. Fly south to free flowing, Wild & Scenic portions of the river within Hells Canyon to experience the dramatic difference between the dammed Snake and naturally flowing Snake.

The growing momentum to remove the lower four Snake River dams will restore 140 miles of river and over 14,000 acres of riparian habitat and bottomlands. It will cut dam-caused salmon mortality by at least 50% and restore productive access for wild salmon and steelhead to over 30,000 miles of contiguous, pristine, protected upriver habitat in northeast Oregon, central Idaho, and southeast Washington. This hydropower system was constructed on the homelands of 19 Tribes who have relied on salmon since time immemorial.

The economics of these four dams have long been in question; not in question is that Federal agencies have spent more than $24 billion on fish mitigation, but have yet to recover a single salmon or steelhead population. The dams produce about 925 megawatts of electricity each year - a service that can be replaced with effective alternatives like wind and solar, coupled with battery storage.

The Snake River provides for communities in this region and removing the four lower dams is necessary to restore a free-flowing lower Snake River, recover endangered wild salmon and steelhead facing extinction, save American taxpayer and Northwest energy consumer dollars, benefit struggling wildlife populations including endangered Southern Resident Orcas, and uphold our treaty and trust obligation and responsibilities to Native American Tribes in the Columbia Basin.

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