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Date: 06/24/2021     State: MT     Issue: Wild Lands     Partners: Lincoln Prosperity Group, Wild Montana Airport Origin : Helena, MT    


After the mining and logging industries took an economic downturn in the early 90’s, the community of Lincoln experienced decades of economic turmoil that exacerbated conflict over the management of public lands in the Upper Blackfoot Valley. The community needed something to change.

In 2015, foresters, outfitters, ranchers, firefighters, conservationists, hunters and other local community members came together to chart a better path. They found common ground from which to work and united behind a plan to help rebuild the economy and better leverage the world-class public resources in the Upper Blackfoot Valley for the benefit of all Montanans. They eventually became known as the Lincoln Prosperity Group and presented the Lincoln Prosperity Proposal. This plan provides new management direction across 200,000 acres of the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest that will strengthen the community, sustainably manage forests and water resources, and boost outdoor recreation.

The proposal establishes Restoration Areas, Conservation Management areas and Recreation areas. These land designations restore forests and reduce wildfire risks, protect tributaries of the Blackfoot River and promote outdoor opportunities that will boost local economies.

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