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Uranium in the Grand Canyon Virtual Flight

Date: 09/12/2020     State: AZ     Issues: Mining, National Parks     Partners: Grand Canyon Trust, Havasupai Tribe Airport Origin : Valle, AZ    


Uranium mining has threatened the Grand Canyon area for decades and public pressure is mounting to clean up old mines and stop new ones from opening.
Havasupai Tribal Council member Carletta Tilousi "flew" with EcoFlight and Grand Canyon Trust for a virtual tour of the Canyon Mine to discuss the threats it poses to the Grand Canyon and Havasu Creek.

The mining company recently changed Canyon Mine's name to Pinyon Plain. But it still sits on Havasupai's tribal homeland, and atop precious groundwater that is the tribes sole source of drinking water and feeds seeps and springs in Grand Canyon National Park. In 2016 the mine hit groundwater and has since pumped 30 million gallons of contaminated groundwater out of the mine shaft. This has the tribe and many others concerned about the potential of radioactive contamination spreading into the aquifer, devastating the water that defines the landscape and the people who live here. Join us for a virtual flight over the area to learn more.

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