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Western Slope Public Lands

Date: 05/29/2024     State: CO     Issue: Wild Lands     Partner: Wilderness Workshop Airport Origin : Aspen, CO    


Fly CO Senator Hickenlooper's staff over Western Slope public lands.

We toured spectacular landscapes in and around the Roaring Fork Valley, including the Thompson Divide, Red Table Mountain, Castle Peak area, Crystal River, and more. These landscapes contain important ecological diversity, critical and ever-dwindling wildlife habitat, and beloved recreational trails, rock climbing crags, streams and lakes for boating and fishing, and spectacular places to enjoy the quietude of nature. EcoFlight has been using its aerial perspective for many years to advocate for protection and sustainable management of these important resources, and we are so appreciative of Senator Hickenlooper and his team for their work to help protect Colorado's remaining wildlands!


Click for the photos, aerial footage, and geo-referenced photos from the flight.

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