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Date: 01/24/2020     State: CO     Issue: Mining     Partner: Crystal Valley Environmental Protection Association


EcoFlight flew a local environmental watchdog group and an investigative journalist over a mine expansion and possibly illegal creek diversion in Marble, Colorado to cover the developing story and educate the community on the implications of the expansion and a recent spill. The flight earned sparked in-depth coverage of the issue and deeper inquiry from local officials.
A diesel spill at the Yule marble quarry in October shut down operations there for nearly two months. There were delays in reporting the spill to authorities, and setbacks in clean-up efforts that have residents concerned. Additionally, Yule Creek has been rerouted to accommodate the current expansion of the quarry which is also raising concerns about environmental impacts and questions about oversight.

In 2016 the quarry, now named Pride of America Mine, was granted a permit to expand from 10 acres to 124 acres.

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