FLIGHTS: Arizona
Arizona & Nevada - Lake Mead
State: Arizona, Nevada
Region: on the border of Arizona and Nevada
Description: Lake Mead was once considered the largest reservoir in the U.S., with 28 million acre-feet of water. Unfortunately, because of increasing droughts, growing demand, and flawed political projections, Lake Mead has not reached full capacity since 1983. Continue Reading..
Arizona & New Mexico - SunZia Proposed Transmission Corridor
State: Arizona, New Mexico
Description: The SunZia Transmission Project is a proposed corridor that would span 500 miles between AZ and NM, posing a serious threat to the wildlife that thrives in the San Pedro Valley and Aravaipa Canyon. Promoters of SunZia tout the project’s necessity for economic stimulus and renewable energy production... read more
Arizona - Black Mesa
State: Arizona
Description: Twenty-five miles south of Monument Valley, in the heart of the Navajo Nation, are the Black Mesa and Kayenta Coal Mines. These neighboring mines together make up the world's largest strip mining operation. In 2006, the Black Mesa Mine suspended its operations, while the Kayenta Mine remains active, providing approximately 8 million tons of coal each year. This multi-billion dollar operation subsidizes power for Arizona's largest cities including Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff.
Arizona - Grand Canyon - Uranium
State: Arizona
Description: There are as many as 10,000 existing mining claims on BLM and U.S. Forest Service lands near the Grand Canyon. In 2012, Secretary of the Interior Salazar ordered a 20-year moratorium on new mining claims that threaten to industrialize watersheds draining into the Colorado River... read more
Arizona - Grand Canyon National Park
State: Arizona
Description: On January 9th 2012, the Obama administration officially announced a ban on new mining on lands near Grand Canyon National Park. The 20-year ban will not affect any existing claims but will prevent any new mining claims in the area which have increased 2,000 percent in the past seven years... read more
Arizona - Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monumet
State: Arizona
Region: Grand Canyon Watershed
Description: More than 100 years ago President Theodore Roosevelt designated the Grand Canyon as a national monument, and since then much more of the Grand Canyon ecosystem has been protected. But the watershed, which includes tributary canyons, grasslands and springs that flow into the Colorado River and Grand Canyon, is still threatened by grazing, increasing motorized use, logging and uranium mining.
Arizona - Maricopa County  Solar
State: Arizona
Region: Phoenix, Maricopa County
Description: The Phoenix area is surrounded by both prime solar sites and saltflat landscapes that often go without very much environmental protection. Tour around this desert landscape with EcoFlight and see future solar sights as well as proposed wilderness and conservation areas... read more
Arizona - Mining
State: Arizona
Description: Arizona is ranked 5th among the 19 states with toxic emissions from the metal mining industry. Eighty-nine percent of the total reported toxic emissions in Arizona come from the mining industry, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Toxic Release Inventory... read more
Arizona - Page - Coal Power Plant
State: Arizona
Region: Page, Arizona - near Grand Canyon
Description: The Navajo Generating Station is a 2250 megawatt coal-fired power plant located on the Navajo Indian Reservation near Page, Arizona and about 25 kilometers from the Grand Canyon National Park. It releases more than 19 million tons of carbon dioxide per year... read more
Arizona - Phoenix - Sun Corridor
State: Arizona
Description: Since 1960, Arizona has tripled in population and it continues to grow three times faster than the nation as a whole. Running from North of Phoenix to the border with Mexico, the Sun Corridor is equivalent to Indiana in size and population but will add another Indiana's worth of residents by 2040... read more
Arizona - Proposed Oak Flat Copper
State: Arizona
Region: Southeast Arizona
Description: Rio Tinto's Resolution Copper is proposing to mine a rich copper vein near Superior, Arizona. The company is planning a massive block cave mine near the town of Superior, 60 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona. Continue reading...
Arizona - Proposed Rosemont Copper Mine
State: Arizona
Region: Santa Ritas
Description: In 2012 the USFWS announced plans to establish more than 838,000 acres as critical habitat for the endangered jaguar. The habitat area would include the Santa Ritas, where the proposed copper mine would be located.
Arizona - Sun Corridor - Transmission Corridor
State: Arizona
Region: Sun Corridor
Description: Arizona has some of the best solar resource potential in the nation. The state's Sun Corridor stretches from its southern border into Yavapai County several hundred miles north and includes the Phoenix/Tucson "megapolitan" area, one of the fastest growing regions in the nation for the past several decades... read more
Arizona Utah - Lake Powell
State: Arizona, Utah
Region: Upper Colorado Basin
Description: Lake Powell on the border of Utah and Arizona was created when the controversial Glen Canyon Dam was built and flooded Glen Canyon in 1963. Current demand and drought conditions however, are causing parts of Glen Canyon to return.
Colorado River Basin
State: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
Region: Colorado River Basin
Description: Flows into Lake Powell for 2018 are expected to be just 42 percent of the reservoir's long-term average. The Colorado River supplies drinking water to 40 million Americans, irrigates 5.5 million acres of farmland, and injects more than $1 billion annually in the region’s recreation and tourism economy. An outdated system is promising more water than it can supply to a growing number of uses. ... read more
Colorado River Delta
State: Arizona
Region: Sea of Cortez, Mexico
Description: For 6 million years the Colorado River flowed from high in the Rocky Mountains all the way to the Sea of Cortez. But since 1960 it has not regularly flowed to its delta, drying up before it reaches its final destination. Now, thanks to a recent agreement between the US and Mexico, the last 70 miles of the Colorado River are getting a gush of water, or “pulse flow” during the Spring of 2014, in an effort to revive the dried up Delta. This is the first time in history that water has been sent to the Delta in the name of conservation.
FLAA Student Program 2011 - Southwest National Parks
State: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah
Region: Four Corners States - American Southwest
Description: EcoFlight's 2011 Flight Across America Student Program was a three day intensive study of iconic national parks in the American Southwest and the environmental pressures being imposed on them.  EcoFlight and four students from Colorado Mountain College and CU Boulder flew over 5 national parks... read more
Flight Across America 2011 - National Parks
State: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah
Region: Four Corners States - American Southwest
Description: EcoFlight's 2011 Flight Across America Student Program was an intensive study of iconic national parks in the U.S. Southwest and the environmental pressures being imposed on them.  EcoFlight and four students from CU Boulder and Colorado Mountain College flew over five Southwestern national parks... read more
Flight Across America 2012 - Upper Colorado River Basin
State: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
Region: Colorado River
Description: Flight Across America 2012 focused on water conservation concerns in the Upper Colorado River Basin, emphasizing the crucial role water plays in sustaining natural and societal life. With our college level students, the program took an aerial look at water and its relation to the health of ecosystems, energy development, urban planning, recreation, agriculture, and wildlife habitat in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming...
Flight Across America 2015 - Megadrought
State: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah
Region: Colorado River Basin
Description: Flight Across America 2015 focused on water conservation concerns in the West, emphasizing the crucial role water plays in sustaining life, and the mega drought happening in many states across the West. The program provided an excellent learning environment for students, combining the aerial perspective of the role of water in the health of ecosystems and how watersheds connect landscapes, with on-the-ground discussions of the impact of energy development, urban planning, recreation and agriculture on our water resources.
Flight Across America 2016 - National Park Centennial
State: Arizona, Colorado, Utah
Region: Southwest

In celebration of this centennial and in preparation for the next hundred years, EcoFlight’s student program focused on the importance of our national parks, the threats to them, and how we can be more inclusive in offering experiences to a wider variety of visitors, and how to include more perspectives in our advocacy.

Students studied Arches, Canyonlands, Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde, National Parks, Colorado National Monument, and the proposed Grand Canyon and Bears Ears National Monuments.

Four Corners Region - Air Quality
State: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah
Region: Four Corners: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah
Description: Existing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the Four Corners region total 29 million tons per year of CO2. With the increased recognition of the impacts of CO2 as a major contributor to climate change, it is imperative that CO2 emissions be reduced in the Four Corners region... read more
Grand Canyon National Park
State: Arizona
Description: The fragility of Grand Canyon's seeps and springs epitomizes the water issues sprinkling the arid landscape of the Greater Grand Canyon region. A good portion of the Colorado Plateau receives less than 10 inches of rainfall per year, a figure expected to drop further as climate change continues... read more
National Parks Centennial
State: Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah
Region: U.S. Department of the Interior
Description: On August 25, 2016, the National Park Service turned 100!
Wilderness - 50th Anniversary
State: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
Region: Western United States
Description: 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act...The 1964 Wilderness Act defines "Wilderness" as an area “...affected primarily by the forces of nature, with the imprint of man's work substantially unnoticeable...where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain...”