FLIGHTS: Montana
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
State: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
Region: Northwest Wyoming, Southern Montana and Southeastern Idaho
Description: The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is one of the last remaining large, nearly intact ecosystems in the northern temperate zone of our planet. A 20-million-acre ecosystem requires constant attention to ensure the long-term sustainability of pristine watersheds and abundant wildlife... read more
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem - Fire
State: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
Description: Wildfires are naturally occurring agents of disturbance in the region's forests. But hotter and drier conditions and longer fire seasons are already expanding the natural force of wildfire in Greater Yellowstone. In general, wildfires are larger, more numerous, and more destructive than they used to be... read more
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem - Whitebark Pinebeetle
State: Montana, Wyoming
Description: The Whitebark Pine is the main pine tree found at high elevations throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. A beetle epidemic that's killing trees across the Rocky Mountain region has taken an especially heavy toll on Whitebark Pine trees and the grizzly bears who depend on them... read more
Historic Before and After
State: Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming
Region: Western US
Description: Historic before and after photos of landscapes throughout the years of EcoFlight's conservation flying missions.
Montana - An Overview
State: Montana
Description: Bruce Gordon and Jane Pargiter take off in their Cessna 210 every summer and are lucky enough to spend 30 to 40 days flying collaborative groups and the press over Montana to give them the big bird’s eye view perspective on Montana’s environmental challenges... read more
Montana - Badger Two Medicine Area
State: Montana
Region: Glacier

The B2M is a Traditional Cultural District (TCD) under the National Historic Preservation Act because of its religious and cultural significance to the Blackfeet Nation. For over 30 years, citizens, energy companies and the federal government have been battling over oil and gas leases in the area, and in 2016 the BLM finally canceled the contested oil & gas lease.

Montana - Blackfeet Indian Reservation - Oil and Gas
State: Montana
Region: Glacier
Description: For the Blackfeet, water is the source of their teachings, philosophy, and values, and members are worried that if natural gas development goes unchecked, their water will be at risk. read more...
Montana - Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project
State: Montana
Region: Southern Crown of the Continent
Description: For the past decade, Montanans have worked together to hash out a lasting solution for our public lands in the Blackfoot-Clearwater valley. Timber industry reps, snowmobilers, outfitters and guides, and conservationists have collaborated to create a legislative proposal for a landscape-style approach to balancing the needs of timber and restoration, recreation and conservation in the Seeley and Ovando areas in the Southern Crown of the Continent.
Montana - Butte - Copper
State: Montana
Description: The Berkeley Pit is a former open pit copper mine located in Butte, Montana. It is one mile long by half a mile wide and is filled to a depth of about 900 feet with heavily acidic water and dangerous heavy metals. Since ceasing operations in 1982, it and has become one of the largest federal Superfund sites... read more
Montana - Clark Fork River
State: Montana
Description: The Clark Fork watershed is a 22,000 square mile area that drains northern Idaho and nearly the entire western portion of Montana. It is home to over a third of Montana's population. The river and its tributaries have a biological, economic, and cultural impact on the entire Northern Rockies... read more
Montana - East Rosebud Creek
State: Montana
Description: To preserve one of Montana's most hidden treasures, Senator Jon Tester and Senator Steve Daines introduced a bill to designate the East Rosebud Creek as wild and scenic in 2015. The bill, written with local input through years of collaboration, will protect 20 miles of East Rosebud Creek under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. This designation will preserve the free-flowing condition of the pristine creek located south of Roscoe, Montana. Representative Ryan Zinke also introduced similar legislation in the House.
Montana - Gallatin Crest
State: Montana
Region: outside of Bozeman
Description: The Gallatin Mountains, a wild rugged range bordered by the Gallatin River to the west and the expansive Yellowstone Valley to the east, directly links the community of Bozeman with the world's first national park. As urban populations rise, so do demands on our natural environment... read more
Montana - Glacier National Park - Glaciers
State: Montana
Region: Glacier National Park
Description: There were approximately 150 glaciers present in 1850, and most glaciers were still present in 1910 when the park was established. In 2010, there were only 25 glaciers larger than 25 acres remaining in the park. In Glacier National Park, some effects of global climate change are strinkingly clear... read more
Montana - Lee Metcalf Wilderness
State: Montana
Region: Southwest Montana
Description: Every year, thousands come to Montana to enjoy the wilderness area named in honor of Lee Metcalf. 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the designation of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness – 259,000 acres distributed across the Madison Range in southwest Montana... Continue reading...
Montana - Mike Horse Tailings Dam - Reclamation
State: Montana
Region: Upper Blackfoot River
Description: Today, possibly the biggest threat at the Mike Horse site is the safety of the shored-up tailings dam. The base of the dam is constructed with two million cubic yards of toxic tailings, and water is seeping out, indicating that the dam could be eroding from within. Read More...
Montana - Otter Creek - Proposed Coal Mine
State: Montana
Region: Southeastern Montana
Description: In 2016 Arch Coal's bankruptcy led to their coal lease in Otter Creek being cancelled; and in concert with this, a federal agency subsequently canceled the proposed Tongue River Railroad which was to transport the coal... read more
Montana - Proposed Emigrant Gulch Mine
State: Montana
Region: Greater Yellowstone
Description: In November 2016, the Department of the Interior announced that new mining claims will now be prohibited on approximately 30,000 acres of U.S. Forest Service land near Yellowstone National Park’s northern entrance.
Montana - Rocky Mountain Front
State: Montana
Description: Congress has enacted legislation that prevents all future leasing of federal oil and gas minerals on the Rocky Mountain Front. An icon of wildlands, wildlife, beauty, and diversity in northwest Montana, the Rocky Mountain Front offers connectivity between summer and winter habitats and intact ecosystems... read more
Montana - Rocky Mountain Front - Heritage Act
State: Montana
Description: In December 2014 the Rocky Mountain Front Outdoor Heritage Act was signed into law, creating 67,000 acres of wilderness and 208,000 acres of National Conservation Areas. The bill created the first wilderness designation in the state since the early 1980s... read more
Montana - Southwestern Crown of the Continent
State: Montana
Description: A vast watershed and series of pristine mountain lakes that feed the Clearwater and Blackwater Rivers (of Robert Redford fame), the Seeley-Swan Valley is surrounded on all sides by towering peaks, intact ecosystem and abundant wildlife. It is a landscape that epitomizes western American wilderness... read more
Montana - The Great Burn Fire
State: Montana
Region: Bitterroot Mountains
Description: Believed to be the largest fire in recorded U.S. history, the Great Fire of 1910 burned about three million acres (approx. the size of Connecticut) in northeast Washington, northern Idaho (the panhandle), and western Montana. Despite being the largest, it is not the deadliest wildfire on record... read more
Montana - Tin Cup - Dam Restoration
State: Montana
Region: Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness
Montana - Upper Missouri River Breaks - National Monument
State: Montana
Description: Having been designated as a national monument by President Clinton in 2001, this remote and beautiful landscape, with 149 miles of the Missouri River corridor designated as a National Wild and Scenic River, has finally begun to be recognized as a national treasure... read more
Montana - Waterton Glacier National Park
State: Montana
Description: The Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is a designated World Heritage Site and is part of a large preserved ecosystem known as the "Crown of the Continent." Virtually all the plants and animals which existed at the time European explorers first entered the region are present in the park today... read more
Montana - Wilderness Study Areas
State: Montana
Description: In December 2017 Senator Steve Daines and Congressman Greg Gianforte have introduced legislation that proposes to remove 449,500 acres from Wilderness Study Area designation throughout the state. These areas provide opportunities for prime backcountry recreation experiences and contain critical and secure habitat for fish and wildlife. The WSAs in this bill are dear to Montanans' hearts and deserve a fair and open process, but unfortunately conservation and wilderness groups were not included in discussions when the bill was being crafted.
Montana, Gallatin Crest - Wildlife
State: Montana
Region: Gallatin Mountain Range
Description: The Gallatin Mountain Range is a backyard playground for the growing communities of Bozeman, Big Sky, Livingston, Gardiner, and West Yellowstone. But for hundreds of years, it's been a more permanent home for wild populations of grizzly, elk, and elusive wolverines. Read More...
Montana, North Fork of the Flathead River
State: Montana
Region: Whitefish, Montana

In December 2014, Congress passed the North Fork Watershed Protection Act to safeguard the North Fork Flathead River Valley (headwaters to Glacier Park and Flathead Lake). The legislation furnishes permanent protections on the U.S. side of the North Fork watershed and precludes new oil and gas development and mining.  Continue reading...

National Parks Centennial
State: Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah
Region: U.S. Department of the Interior
Description: On August 25, 2016, the National Park Service turned 100!
Wild And Scenic Rivers
State: Colorado, Idaho, Montana
Description: The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act represents the highest form of river conservation in the country. 50 years ago, Congress passed the law to conserve iconic rivers and streams and keep them free flowing, protect their water quality and remarkable values such as recreation, fisheries, and surrounding scenery and wildlife habitat.
Wilderness - 50th Anniversary
State: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
Region: Western United States
Description: 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act...The 1964 Wilderness Act defines "Wilderness" as an area “...affected primarily by the forces of nature, with the imprint of man's work substantially unnoticeable...where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain...”