FLIGHTS: Washington
Washington - Methow Headwaters
State: Washington
Region: Northern Washington
Description: A group of Methow Valley citizens and businesses called the Methow Headwaters Campaign is asking federal agencies to withdraw 340,000 acres of National Forest land from future mineral exploration and mining. The biodiversity of the area is unique in that the northern boreal forests come together with the desert shrub-steppe. The area supports wildlife from wolverines and Canada lynx to spotted owls, pygmy short-horned lizards and endangered salmon.
Washington - Yakima Basin Integrated Plan
State: Washington
Region: Yakima River Basin
Description: The Yakima Basin Integrated Plan will protect over 200,000 acres of land and about 200 miles of river; improve water quality and quantity; restore salmon and steelhead populations; improve natural and built infrastructure; drive a healthy economy and return jobs to the woods in the Yakima Basin.
Washington, Yakima Basin - Western Governors Association 2012
State: Washington
Region: Pacific Northwest
Description: EcoFlight flew governors and their staff over proposed Alpine Lakes wilderness; an integrated water management plan in the Yakima River Basin; the wildlife overpass on I-90 and some of the great natural areas that Washington has to offer, like the Snoqualmie Summit and the Cascade Mountain Range... read more