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Mount Gunnison and Mount Lamborn
Captain’s Log Starship 1XE, Day 22 in the month April, Earth Calendar year 2020. Social Distancing from an altitude of 2,000 ft. AGL (above ground level).50 Years of Earth Days! My, how time does fly. It was 50 years ago when Time Magazine published a photo of our planet Earth taken from space. During this ...
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Bears Ears Hunkering Down
Captain’s Log Starship 1XE, Day 27 in the month March, Earth Calendar year 2020. Hunkering down: Waiting out the storm. Well I’ve done quite a bit of hunkering in my life. Everything from living in a snow cave for a couple of weeks waiting for a summit push to being grounded and watching an approaching ...
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Mount Sopris Winter
Captain’s Log Starship 1XE, Day 24 in the month January, Earth Calendar year 2020. It’s dead winter in the high country where we live and there is not much going on except snow, snow and more snow. That is wonderful for the mountains and rivers, and for those of us who ski, snowboard or are ...
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Captain’s Log Starship 1XE, Day 30 in the month December, Earth Calendar year 2019. As I write this I am heading to the airport to make sure the plane is plugged in and brushed off in anticipation of our next flight mission. Plugged in refers to utilizing an extension cord plugged into what they call ...
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