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British Columbia's Copper Mountain Mine

Mission: Examine a copper mine in the wilderness of British Columbia that threatens US watershed and communities. Fly reporters from The…

Priest River

State: ID
Mission: Fy government land-managers, conservationists, and tribal officials working to find solutions to the warm water temperatures in Idaho's Priest River.…

British Columbia's Elk Valley Mines

Mission: EcoFlight headed up north to fly enormous coal mining operations in British Columbia that threaten US water quality, communities, recreation,…

The Lands Between

State: UT
Mission: The Lands Between, is a critical part of a contiguous cultural landscape, connecting Bears Ears and Canyons of the Ancients…

Colorado Plateau

State: AZ
Mission: Fly the our partner, Colorado Plateau Foundation (CPF), whose mission is to advance Tribal sovereignty, preserve cultures, and safeguard the Colorado Plateau's…

Unaweep Canyon - Hydroelectric Proposal

State: CO
Mission: A controversial hydroelectric project is proposed for Unaweep Canyon, a place of pristine views, world-renowned climbing, and a geological phenomenon.…

Beaver Reintroduction in the White River National Forest

State: CO
Mission: After scientists conducted initial habitat scoping, EcoFlight flew wildlife scientists and the media to 'air truth' potential beaver reintroduction sites.…

Clark Fork Superfund

State: MT
Mission: Fly one of the largest Superfund sites in the US to educate passengers including county officials, NGOs conducting restoration, and…

Crystal River - Wild & Scenic

State: CO
Mission: EcoFlight is part of a group of organizations and local citizens that have come together to advocate for protection of…
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