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State: CO
Mission: We flew to examine the spring season's first dust-on-snow event with Colorado Avalanche Information Center and to educate students with…

Flights with the Buddy Program!

State: CO
Mission: Students in the local Buddy Program's Outdoor Leadership class had a chance to view from the air what they had…

Documentary Filming - Wildlife Habitat Barriers

State: AZ
Mission: Fly wi9th documentary filmmakers working to ollimuniate habitat fragmentation and biodiversity loss through film. We flew to capture footage of…

Global Mining Operations, Threats to Wildlife

State: AZ
Mission: Fly with members of the Ghana media at Joy News who are working on a documentary to illuminate the threats…

Protect Kw'tsán!

State: AZ
Mission: Fly with the Quechan Tribal council and leaders as they prepare to officially call on President Biden to protect their…

Salton Sea, Air Pollution

State: CA
Mission: Bring attention to the health threats from the Salton Sea drying up, revealing its toxic lakebed, and fly with PBS,…

Chuckwalla Proposed National Monument

State: CA
Mission: Fly - with Cahuilla Band of Indians leaders, conservationists and advocates for diversifying the outdoors at Joshua Tree National Park…

Sacramento Valley Flooded Agriculture Fields for Salmon

State: CA
Mission: View flooded agricultural fields in the Sacramento Valley to share with key decisionmakers the benefits of reestablishing floodplains to provide…

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Expansion

State: CA
Mission: Provide the aeiral perspective to leaders working to progress the National Monument expansion! We took off to examine the 109,167…
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