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Protecting Endangered Mojave Desert Tortoise

State: CA
Mission: To commemorate the Mojave desert tortoise's uplisting to endangered species status, we flew with the Desert Tortoise Natural Preserve Committee…

Legislation Introduced for Chuckwalla National Monument

State: CA
Mission: With new legislation introduced by U.S. Rep. Raul Ruiz and California Sen. Alex Padilla and administrate momentum around national monument…

Lizards and Lithium - Salton Sea

State: CA
Mission: Educate community leaders, conservationists, and Latinx organizations on the complexities of the Salton Sea's habitat restoration progressions, lithium development, and…

Kw'tsán proposed National Monument - Gold Project Stopped!

State: AZ
Mission: Shortly after Orzo Cruz Gold, a proposed massive exploratory project within the draft national monument boundaries, was denied, we flew…

The San Gabriel National Monument is Expanded!

State: CA
Mission: On May 2nd, President Biden expanded two California national monuments - the San Gabriel Mountains and the Berryessa Snow Mountain…

Rim of the Valley

State: CA
Mission: Collect aerial imagery and video and educate stakeholders on the timely campaign to protect The Rim of the Valley, an…

Great Salt Lake, Spring Relief

State: UT
Mission: Bring stakeholders, electeds, faith and community leaders, conservationists, scientists, media, Utah Representative Raymond Ward, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Utah…

Crystal River - Media Flight

State: CO
Mission: With movement in the Crystal River Steering Committee, EcoFlight took to the skies with Aspen Daily News, KDNK, and the…


State: CO
Mission: We flew to examine the spring season's first dust-on-snow event with Colorado Avalanche Information Center and to educate students with…
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