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Upper Blackfoot

State: MT
Mission: After the mining and logging industries took an economic downturn in the early 90’s, the community of Lincoln experienced decades…

Sagebrush Steppe

State: ID
Mission: A proposal to establish the Sagebrush Steppe & Continental Divide National Preserve would help protect 2.7 million acres of public…

Lava Ridge Proposed Wind Project

State: ID
Mission:       The Lava Ridge Wind project is a proposed wind farm located 25 miles northeast of Twin Falls…

Payette Endowment Lands

State: ID
Mission: Endowment lands are state-owned lands that provide income receipts for state beneficiaries like schools, state hospitals and veterans homes. A…

Stibnite Mine

State: ID
Mission: A Canadian mining company has proposed reopening the two existing pits at the Stibnite gold mine, along with a third…

The Crazy Mountains

State: MT
Mission: EcoFlight flew conservationists, tribal members, wildlife scientists and reporters over the Crazy Mountains to better understand public/private land access issues…

Livingston Park County Growth

State: MT
Mission: Use the aerial perspective to give city planners and the media a better understanding of development issues and the implications…

Lower Yellowstone River

State: MT
Mission: Local and state elected officials, river advocates, recreationists and reporters joined the governor of Montana to celebrate the allocation of…

Mule Deer Migration

State: WY
Mission: The Bridger-Teton National Forest is host to some of the largest and most diverse ungulate populations in North America. In…
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